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University Library Test Kit Collection: Dallas Test Kits


How do I check out a kit?

Kits must be checked out and returned to the library on DC's South Campus during our open hours (varies by semester).

Can I reserve a kit for future use?

Because we often have limited numbers of assessments, you can request to reserve a test kit for you to pick up at a specific date and time. Email with any reservation requests.

How long can I have the kit?

The default loan period is 7 days. You can renew a test kit up to 3 times by emailing as long as it is not in high demand or reserved for someone else. The overdue fines for kits are $5/day - they add up fast!

What about forms?

Each kit comes with one set of consumables (forms). Additional forms will only be provided to students currently registered in assessment courses.

What am I liable for when I borrow a kit?

When you borrow from the test kit collection, you are solely liable for the materials lent to you. If any materials are damaged beyond use or lost, you will be charged the replacement cost. You can be charged up to the entire cost of the full kit - for the WISC-V, that is $1,500 as of July 2022.

I have more questions!

See the University Libraries Test Kit Policy for more information, or email with any questions.

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