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Saybrook Library: Library Databases

DOI - Resolver and Lookup

To find (full) information about an article/chapter by searching on the DOI, or find the DOI by searching on the citation information:
Use CrossRef Metadata Search

NOTE: DOI (Digital Object Identifier) IS the correct mechanism to uniquely identify a digital information object, and to navigate to full and complete "information of record" ABOUT the digital information object.  The DOI is NOT the correct way to seek out subscription-based full-text ACCESS to a digital information object, for that purpose you should use the "known item searching" strategy, through the new OneSearch system.

Index to Full Text

Databases and other subscribed digital tools

GoogleScholar Search

Google Scholar Search

To integrate Google Scholar with our library subscriptions please go Settings --> Library Links, search for “TCS”, select “TCS Education System Library - Full-Text @ TCSES Library" and click on "Save". 

See the "GoogleScholar Settings" PDF document below for more details.

Internet Archive Scholar

Internet Archive Scholar Logo

The Internet Archive has recently launched a BETA version of new tool, "Internet Archive Scholar". This is a search engine of 250 million open access research articles, from rare 18th century field notes to conference presentations, or the latest preprint publications. 

The non-profit organization, Internet Archive <>, is building a digital library of internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form.  Like a physical library, they provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.  Their mission is to provide universal access to all knowledge.