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Introduction to Library Research

Helpful information to know when searching the databases

Unlike the other pages under "Research 101," this page doesn't contain actual steps. Instead, we we give you some information about searching in databases that would be helpful for you to know!


360Link is our citation linker tool. When you go into a database, you are only looking for an article in the database you chose. Well... what if we do own it, but it's just in another database? It would look like we don't own it if you were in ProQuest, because you're not checking the Sage database for the same article.

When you see "Search 360Link for Full Text," be sure to click on this link so you can check all the other databases!

Requesting articles from other libraries

After thoroughly looking for an article in all our databases, on Google Scholar, and on the web, and just not finding it, what do you do?

You can request it through our Interlibrary Loan service! You ask us to ask other schools for a particular item, we send your request out, and they'll reply to us either with the reading you requested, or questions about your request.

Click here for more information about ILL!