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Library Accessibility Resources


Whether you are a student using library resources to complete a paper, faculty creating digital handouts for a class, or a librarian publishing a LibGuide or creating a video this guide is for you. Please see the menu to the left for specific information, guidelines and examples materials and services offered by the The Chicago School University Library

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Accessible Resources for Your Research

Many online library resources come with accessibility options to meet the needs of students and faculty with disabilities. These options are augmented by software and devices available in the libraries. Here are some examples of resources the libraries provide to ensure that your study and research projects are successful:

  • Students with hearing disabilities can take advantage of the many accessible video resources in the libraries -- both the physical DVD versions and the streaming versions, which are captioned. The Library's largest streaming resource comes with full transcripts.
  • Once an article or a chapter of an ebook is located and the student wishes to download, the PDF can be read aloud by Adobe Acrobat.
  • Many Library databases can read digital items -- books and articles -- aloud!