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APA 6: Tables and Figures

Tips and information on using APA formatting and styling on your research

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Tables and Figures

Within the body of your paper, information that does not appear in textual form must be formatted and labeled as either a table or figure. Use of tables and figures should only be used when necessary as a means to quickly and efficiently present information to the reader. The Sixth Edition APA Publication Manual does not allow for the words graph, illustration, or chart. Refer to them as either a table or a figure.

Refer to these guidelines for both tables and figures:

  • Number all tables and figures with Arabic numerals in the order which they are first mentioned/appear in the text. Tables and figures are numbered independently (e.g. You may have Table 1, Table 2, Figure 1, Table 3, Figure 2, etc.).
  • If your appendix includes tables and figures identify those elements of the appendix with capital letters and Arabic numerals (e.g., Table A1 is the first table of Appendix A; Figure C2 - would be the second figure of Appendix C).
  • If you reproduce or adapt a table, figure, questionnaire or test item you MUST provide a note at the bottom of the reprinted table (or in the figure caption) with original source information and give credit to the original copyright holder.