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Exploring One Search

Tips for navigating and searching One Search

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Advanced Searching

The high volume of results in One Search may seem daunting to sort through in order to find the most relevant sources. You have an arsenal of search tools that will help you to limit your results quickly. Being aware of these search tools will aid you when you begin your searches.

This video shows you how to use the search tools in order to effectively limit your results to the most relevant ones.

Search Journals A-Z

The Library provides access to thousands of full text journals. Did you know you can search, browse and read your favorite titles? You can create your own bookshelf, add whole issues or individual articles to a reading list? You can even download citations and full text from your bookshelf.

This video shows how to search and use the features available when you browse Journals A-Z.

Search Databases A-Z

The KansasCom Library provides access to specialized databases and collections that are generally available when searching in One Search. However, some of the library's resources cannot be effectively searched in this way, or may not be included in One Search. It may be more practical at times for you to directly access these resources. 

The video below demonstrates how to access individual databases. KansasCom Librarians are always available to provide insights and help when using these resources.

Search by DOI or PMID

Have you located a needed resource on a publisher site or PubMed and want to see if you have full text access through the KansasCom Library? You can search our library using a DOI or PMID to connect to full text or request a copy through interlibrary loan. 

DOI is short for 'digital object identifier' and is a static URL publishers sometimes assign to articles. PMID is short for 'PubMed Reference Number' that is assigned to each item indexed in PubMed. Both of these may be searched using One Search.

This video demonstrates how to locate these pieces of information and search for the full text in our library.