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Saybrook IRB

Continuing Reviews

IRB approvals for Full Board and Expedited categores are valid for one year. Approximately five to six weeks before your IRB is set to "expire" you'll receive a notice from within Mentor alerting you to the need to file for a continuation.  The IRB re-reviews the research study to determine if it is appropriate for the study to continue, or if modifications are necessary.  

The original approval letter you receive will list the date of expiration.  Please use the Continuing Review tab in Mentor to request continuation.   All committee members are required to accept and sign the request within Mentor.  

If you have completed all your research and you do not need to request an additional year, please request a Close Study, within the continuing review tab.  You will be prompted with several questions and then request the closure.   All committee members will be required to sign the closure request indicating they are in agreement that the study has been completed.