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Saybrook IRB

Where is Mentor IRB?

To access the Mentor system click on the button below.  Mentor uses Single Sign On (SSO) and will use your Saybrook credentials.  The Mentor system will automatically open if you are already logged into Saybrook in this browser, otherwise, you may be asked to enter your Saybrook email and password.


Mentor IRB Button

What is Mentor?

Saybrook uses "Mentor," an online software platform that facilitates a number of activites as you progress through your research.   As an integrated system Mentor provides easy access via the Saybrook Academic Commons.  

Currently, Mentor has two different sections: 

  • Mentor IRB is where you will file your IRB application after your PTFDC is approved and you are in the dissertation process.   The IRB application addresses study purpose, inclusion/exclusion criteria, recruitment strategy, site permissions (if needed), informed consent, research procedures, instruments to be used (if any), compensation.incentives and data management and security.  
  • Mentor Petitions (also see the Dissertation Services tab on the Academic Commons to read more about this functionality).  This section is for student researchers and is where you will begin when you are ready to assemble your three-person dissertation committee (chair, methodologist and reader), you will file a Petition to Form Dissertation Committee (abbreviated as "PTFDC").

As always, please take the proverbial "one step at a time" and be assured, we're here to help you navigate toward success and graduation.  We encourage you to come meet with us during weekly IRB Office Hours.