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Saybrook IRB

CITI Program Training Instructions

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

The Saybrook IRB, in accordance with the federal rules, must verify that all Saybrook researchers complete training on human research ethics and compliance. Saybrook University requires this training to be renewed every 3 years and Saybrook researchers complete this training at CITI Program‚Äč. Your CITI Program course data is sent to Mentor IRB automatically and is located in the Training Certification area once logged into Mentor IRB.

Saybrook University IRB requires every Saybrook researcher submitting to the IRB to complete the Saybrook Researchers Basic CITI Course, which satisfies the federal training requirement for three years. When your existing Saybrook Researchers training expires, then you will complete the Saybrook Researchers Refresher CITI Course training.  

Doctoral students must complete modules from the Research Ethics for Doctoral Learners CITI Course in their doctoral research courses.  These modules will satisfy elements of the required Saybrook Researchers Basic CITI Course, which is required for submitting an IRB application. 

The Saybrook IRB has created resources to help researchers set up their CITI Program accounts and register for CITI courses.

Visit the CITI Program site for more information.