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A New Authentication Service @ TCSES Libraries

The TCS Education System (TCSES) Libraries will be migrating to OpenAthens, a new authentication service that will improve security and access control of library resources, reduce service interruptions, integrate with the institutions' single sign-on (SSO) services, and provide usage data. While OpenAthens will become the primary authentication platform, the libraries will still maintain their current system, EZProxy, as a backup and failover authentication system.

When will the change happen?

Starting June 8, 2022, all eResources will begin to shift from EZProxy to OpenAthens. 

What does this mean for you?

  • Keep using the TCSES Libraries Shared eResources page to access the shared databases. They will be set to use the new authentication system
  • When prompted, enter your school's credentials; If you are used to logging in via EZProxy, the experience will remain similar. For some of the vendors, you might need to look for the Login via Institution button
  • The libraries will still maintain EZProxy as a back up and failover system.



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