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Saybrook Center for Writing & Academic Success

The Center for Writing & Academic Success serves students by assisting them in developing their writing process and instructing them in using the tools and resources necessary to be self-sufficient writers in their academic studies and beyond.


The Center for Writing and Academic Success provides students an internal editor to ensure that all dissertations meet APA and Saybrook standards for format and style. All students are required to formally request an editor from the Center once they have successfully defended their dissertation and obtained approval for submission. To begin the process, all edits by the committee and dissertation chair must be implemented. The style guides, ALL9000 course enrollment​, cost, submission, and timeline are described below.​

Style Guides

The two style guides used in the finalization process are

  1. the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2019) 7th Edition, available for purchase from outside vendors and
  2. the Saybrook Handbook of Format and Style, 6th Edition. ​

ALL9000 Course Enrollment

​Students not actively enrolled in other courses will be automatically enrolled in ALL9000 to complete the dissertation finalization process. Students will be re-enrolled in the course until the finalization process is complete.

Questions about course enrollment can be sent to​


The cost for dissertation finalization is covered by student fees. If a student is enrolled in other courses, no additional fees will be incurred. If the student is only enrolled in ALL9000, the relevant fees for course enrollment will apply.​

After completing their oral defense, students must enroll in ALL9000 and submit the relevant form provided within the course to begin working with the dissertation editor. 

Once you have completed the process with the dissertation editor, the Director of the Center will sign off on the document pending the submission of approval forms and document to the registrar. Approval forms and documents will only be accepted by the Registrar directly from the assigned editor, NOT the student or a member of their committee.

Questions? Contact the Center for Writing and Academic Success:


Students should allow sufficient time for the completion of the finalization process in order to meet the graduation deadline. Editors are expected to provide their first draft of edits in no more than two weeks' time (preferably less), unless a special arrangement has been made with the student. In special circumstances, an exemption may be made for the student to hire an outside editor at  their own expense. In such cases, the editor must be on the Center's approved list of editors. For the list of approved outside editors, contact the Director of the Center for Writing & Academic Success, Peter Fontaine, at​​