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Saybrook Center for Writing & Academic Success

The Center for Writing & Academic Success serves students by assisting them in developing their writing process and instructing them in using the tools and resources necessary to be self-sufficient writers in their academic studies and beyond.

Welcome to Writing Services!

Saybrook's Writing Services department provides students direct access to individualized writing support through our writing coaches, ​dissertation finalization, and online resources for APA and other writing support. We are continuously thinking of ways to ensure you have the resources you need and remain committed to your learning and success. 

Please contact with your questions.

Schedule an Appointment with a Writing Coach

Writing coaches engage students in diverse strategies for effectively conveying ideas in addition to supporting critical thinking. In addition, writing coaches guide students in learning conventional and innovative techniques for acade​mic writing and communication. 

Our writing coaches are available online for one-on-one writing support. Appointments must be made with at least 48-hours notice. Click here to schedule an appointment or scan the QR code below. For detailed instructions for using our appointment management system, visit our webpage "Using the Schedule."

QR Code for Writing Coach Schedule

Turnitin Trial Submission

To promote academic integrity and to enable students to monitor their written work, Saybrook University utilizes Turnitin for assignments submitted in Canvas. Any written document submitted through Canvas is automatically run through Turnitin, which generates an originality report that provides a similarity index score. The Center for Writing & Academic Success houses a Turnitin Trail Submission within the Center's Canvas Shell that can be used to access a similarity report prior to submission within the course. Within the course, Turnitin is accessible within the navigation bar on the left. 

Drop-in Hours

Each semester, the Center for Writing & Academic Success hosts drop-in hours which are best used for quick questions about writing or the resources available through the Center for Writing and Academic Success. Individuals with questions that require further support should schedule an appointment with one of our writing coaches​​. 

WHEN: Thursdays from 11am-12:30 pm (Pacific Time)

WHERE: Online via Zoom at