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Google Scholar Search

How to sync Google Scholar with library Saybrook library resources plus Google searching tips.

According to Google, Google Scholar "provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature." This allows you to use a simple Google search to look through internet content that Google has tagged as "scholarly." Google Scholar is NOT a replacement for advanced academic databases but can be a good working source for starting your search in scholarly literature.

Scroll down to view instructions for setting up your Google Scholar settings and then use the search box below to search in Google Scholar.

Google Scholar Search

Integrating Google Scholar with the Saybrook Library

Steps to setting up Google Scholar to sync with the Saybrook Library:

From the Google Scholar homepage, click on the 'hamburger' menu at the upper left of the screen.

When the hamburger menu is open, click Settings.

On the Settings page:

  1. Click Library links.
  2. Enter TCS in the search bar under Show library access links for (choose up to five libraries):
  3. Click the magnifying glass. Google Scholar should find TCS Education System -- ViewIt at TCSES Libraries.
  4. Click the check box.
  5. Click Save

Here is a sample search in Google Scholar with the result showing as available in Saybrook library:

Once you adjust the settings and allow cookies, they should remain in place for subsequent use.

*Note about library links: Though Google has some ideas about the journal titles which different libraries may have subscription access to, they most often do not track what years of a particular journal are available through full-text subscriptions. This can lead to "false positive" matches, where Google thinks you have access to an article through the Saybrook library, but we do not actually have access for the year in question. Searching directly in OneSearch will provide the most accurate results.