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Saybrook Alumni Library Services

A guide to library services for graduates of Saybrook University.

You've what?

The Saybrook Library has created this guide to support your research as you move from student to alumni. Although our subscription electronic resources are no longer available to you, we are happy to offer suggestions for accessing other content that may be useful to you.

Since our library website is a public site, you may continue to use it without having to log in. The site does contain many links to accessible content such as Open Access databases.

Another section which can still be helpful are the program-specific guides on the Instructional Guides page of the library website. The program-specific guides contain several websites, podcast links, professional association links, and more that may be of professional interest to you.  Bookmark the library website for quick access.

Open Access

One option for sourcing content is to use Open Access databases and Open Educational Resources (OER.) Click the Open Access Databases at Saybrook tab to view a list and description of databases and links you can access. The Open Access Movement was established over the last thirty years and by now, the content has evolved into collections that are credible, authoritative and generally high in quality.  


Saybrook University graduates publish their dissertations in ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. The Dissertations tab contains resources to assist you in the process of submission as well as other resources for locating dissertations and turning your dissertation into a book.

Since the database is subscription-based, unfortunately you cannot access it with your Saybrook credentials once your status changes from Student to Alumni. This typically occurs from within days to a few weeks after the end of the term. Your email address will be updated in the system and the subscription databases will no longer recognize it as authorized once the student information system updates.

Other Libraries

Despite the loss of privileges to use Saybrook Library materials, there are many other options such as the libraries of other local universities and community colleges, public libraries, state electronic libraries, and special libraries. These libraries also have subscription databases that you may be able to utilize and you can even take advantage of borrowing privileges with many of them.


The Saybrook library staff remains committed to supporting our graduates. If you need help locating a resource or a library, feel free to reach out to us.

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Live Chat - Start a chat with a 24/7 librarian by clicking the Ask the Library button on the library website.