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Library Course Readings in Canvas (Pilot Phase)

Installing Cite It!

Cite It! is a tool that allows you to create citations for your Readings & Resource list from a website. First, you'll need to install it on your browser with these quick steps:

  1. Click on the user menu in the right corner of the page.
  2. Click "Cite It" in the menu

  3. This will open a dialog box. Click on the "Cite It!" button and drag and drop it in your browser bookmark bar.

  4. You should now see something like this in the bookmark bar of your browser:


Using Cite It!

The Cite It! tool is particularly helpful for adding citations for public/non-library resources on the internet, without having to return to your course Readings & Resource list. 

  1. Once you're on the desired webpage, click your Cite It! button in your bookmarks bar.
  2. A dialog box will appear. After adding any additional info that you would like, select your list and the section within the list (module 1, week 2, optional resources, etc.)
  3. Click "Add & Close"