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APA 7: Articles

Information Needed

  • Author(s)
  • Date
  • Title of article
  • Title of journal (italicized)
  • Volume number (italicized)
  • Issue number (in parentheses)
  • Page range
  • DOI (if available)
  • If no DOI is available, use URL. Long URLs may be shortened with a URL shortener such as

How to Cite a Journal Article

Note on DOI

Many electronic articles, particularly those found using library databases, have have a DOI (digital object identifier). Include the DOI in the citation when available.

General Format for Citing Periodicals

Author, A. A., Author, B. B., Author, C. C., & Author, D. D. (Year of publication). Title of article. Title of Journal, volume#(issue#),

            page#-page#. DOI if available (all DOIs are prefaced with If no DOI is available use URL.

Periodical Reference Citation Examples

Electronic journal article with DOI

Byrd-Craven, J., Auer, B. J., Granger, D. A., & Massey, A. R. (2012). The father–daughter dance: The relationship between father–

          daughter relationship quality and daughters stress response. Journal of Family Psychology, 26(1), 87-94.


Electronic journal article with an article number

Jerrentrup, A., Mueller, T., Glowalla, U., Herder, M., Henrichs, N., Neubauer, A., & Schaefer, J. R. (2018). Teaching medicine with the

           help of “Dr. House.” PLoS ONE, 13(3), Article e0193972.

Journal article with DOI, advanced online publication

Huestegge, S. M., Raettig, T., & Huestegge, L. (2019). Are face-incongruent voices harder to process? Effects of face-voice gender

          incongruency on basic cognitive information processing. Experimental Psychology. Advance online publication.


Electronic journal with more than 20 authors (list first 19, spaced ellipses, and last)

Wiskunde, B., Arslan, M., Fischer, P., Nowak, L., Van den Berg, O., Coetzee, L., Juárez, U., Riyaziyyat, E., Wang, C., Zhang, I., Li, P.,    

           Yang, R., Kumar, B., Xu, A., Martinez, R., McIntosh, V., Ibáñez, L. M., Mäkinen, G., Virtanen, E., . . . Kovács, A. (2019). Indie

           pop rocks mathematics: Twenty One Pilots, Nicolas Bourbaki, and the empty set. Journal of Improbable Mathematics, 27(1),


Online magazine article

Hsu, H. (2019, November). What W. E. B. Du Bois conveyed in his captivating infographics. The New Yorker.

Online newspaper articles

Mettler, K.. (2020, July 16). ‘Where do we go from here?’ D.C.-area clergy, police talk reform, racism and mental health. The Washington   


Webpages from news websites

Guy, J. (2019, December 19). The more we watch TV, the more we prefer thinner female bodies, study shows. CNN.

Journal, magazine, or newspaper article without DOI, from most academic research databases or print version

Anderson, M. (2018). Getting consistent with consequences. Educational Leadership, 76(1), 26-33.

Goldman, C. (2018, November 28). The complicate calibration of love, especially in adoption. Chicago Tribune.


Adapted from American Psychological Association publication manual (7th ed.).