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APA 7: Graphic Materials

Information Needed

  • Author
  • Date
  • Title (in italics, sentence case)
  • Media type (in brackets)
  • Direct URL

Generic Example of Graphic Material Reference Citation

Author. (Date). Title in italics and sentence case [Media type]. Direct URL.

Graphic Materials Reference Citation Examples

Clip art or stock image

GDJ. (2018). Neural network deep learning prismatic [Clip art]. Openclipart.



Rossman, J., & Palmer, R. (2015). Sorting through our space junk [Infographic]. World Science Festival.   


Cable, D. (2013). The racial dot map [Map]. University of Virginia, Weldon Cooper Center for Public


Google. (n.d.). [Google Maps directions for driving from La Paz, Bolivia, to Lima, Peru]. Retrieved

          February 16, 2020, from


McCurry, S. (1985). Afghan girl [Photograph]. National Geographic.


Adapted from American Psychological Association publication manual (7th ed.).