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APA 7: Formatting Basics

Manuscript Format

Use 1-inch margins for the entire document.
Use a 1/2-inch indent for every paragraph and footnote.
Indent block quotations 1/2-inch from the left margin.

Text Formatting
Use 12-point Times New Roman typeface.
Do not justify the text or use hyphenation.
Double-space the text, title, headings, footnotes, quotations, references and captions.
Leave only one space after all periods, commas, colons, and semicolons.
Use Oxford commas.

Page Header (Running Head)
Running heads are NO LONGER REQUIRED for undergrad students. Grad students use running heads, but now without the words “Running head” preceding the first instance.

The title should summarize the main idea of the paper simply. For research papers, it should be a concise statement of the main topic of the research. Authors are encouraged to keep their titles focused and succinct. Avoid using abbreviations in a title.

Undergrad Student Title Page
Title of paper centered and in bold, four spaces down from top
Name of each author, two spaces down from title
Name of department and institution
Course number and name
Instructor name
NO running head
Page number in top right corner of header

Graduate Student Title Page
Title of paper centered and in bold, four spaces down from top
Name of each author
Author note (heading in bold), six spaces down from previous line
Running head (without the phrase “Running head:”) in top left corner; same for all pages of paper
Page number in top right corner of header

Body of Paper
Begins on a new page.
Type the title of the manuscript in upper and lower case letters, bold, centered, at the top of the page.
Use header levels as needed.
Use in-text citations for every idea or fact taken from a source (e.g., article, book, webpage).

References (Reference List)
Begins on new page at end of paper before appendices.
The word “References” (without quotation marks) should be centered and bold at the top of the page.
Double-space all reference entries with no extra space between citations.
Use a hanging indent for reference The first line of each reference citation is flush with the left margin while subsequent lines are indented a 1/2 inch.

Begin each appendix on a new page.
Center the word Appendix (in bold) and the identifying capital letter (A, B, etc.) at the top of the page.
Center the title of the appendix, and use upper and lower case letters.
Each appendix should be mentioned (called out) at least once in the text by its label (e.g., “see Appendix A”).
If an appendix contains text, write the paragraphs as regular indented paragraphs the same as in the body of the paper.

Adapted from American Psychological Association publication manual (7th ed.).

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