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APA 7: Audiovisual Materials

Information Needed

  • Producer & director (if present)

  • Date of publication

  • Title

  • Medium

  • Production company
  • URL


Sourcing Audiovisual Materials

Always cite the copyright holder's material instead of a re-post by another party.

General Formats of Audiovisual Citations

Director, D. D. (Director). (Date of publication). Title of work [Type of work]. Platform or Production Company. URL (if one is available)

Audiovisual Reference Citation Examples

YouTube video or other streaming video

HuffPost. (2019, February 28). These doulas are delivering support for Black mothers [Video]. YouTube.

Cutts, S. (2017, November 24). Happiness [Video]. Vimeo.

Audiobook with URL (include narrator after title)

Cain, S. (2012). Quiet: The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking (K. Mazur, Narr.) [Audiobook]. Random

          House Audio.

Podcast episode

Glass, I. (Host). (2011, August 12). Amusement park (No. 443) [Audio podcast episode]. In This American life. WBEZ Chicago.

Radio interview recording in a digital archive

de Beauvoir, S. (1960, May 4). Simone de Beauvoir discusses the art of writing [Interview]. Studs Terkel Radio Archive; The Chicago History



Forman, M. (Director). (1975). One flew over the cuckoo’s nest [Film]. United Artists.

Film or video in another language

Malle, L. (Director). (1987). Au revoir les enfants [Goodbye children] [Film]. Nouvelles Editions de Films.

TED Talk

Giertz, S. (2018, April). Why you should make useless things [Video]. TED Conferences.

Webinar, recorded

Goldberg, J. F. (2018). Evaluating adverse drug effects [Webinar]. American Psychiatric Association.


Adapted from American Psychological Association publication manual (7th ed.).